Friday, 13 November 2015

Yes worries mate...

Bike unloaded. Quarantine man says a partial yes. .

Until he looks at the front sprocket cover. . Grease around the chain and sprocket needs cleaning out. .

He's just doing his job.

But might delay release and will cost again. . Not that I have much choice.

In touch with a local biker, guy who knows the system.
Bus journey to see if he can expedite the process at all. . modern clean air conditioned bus . But piped muzak and loud aboriginal chatter. "Walkabout" means catching the bus in 2015 I guess.

No progress again. Quarantine clean up taking as long as it takes. No amount of pestering makes any difference.

Another phone call tells me it won't be done in time for the scheduled compliance check. . Another delay. Next available slot is Wednesday. Stone walled when I call to try to get it in. "You have to book online"

Nearly one month in Darwin. I've got the patience of a saint but I've had enough now. 

There's a lot more to see than Darwin but I'm stuck. Pushing to get things done makes no difference. Trying to make things happen just ends in frustration. I've sat back and thought there's no point stressing but still nothing gets sorted.

Once I get legal in northern territory. I will head for Queensland. A journey of a maximum of 4 days where the legality becomes void and I have to obtain permits and  cover to ride on Queensland road. So another separate system.

It's a minefield of bureaucracy and conflicting legal systems.

I'm just weary of it now. Not feeling very positive. Sure I'll get the feeling back but it's tough to remain in a good state of mind.

post script

So seeing if I can make any headway with Queensland department of transport. . 

Called their customer centre and was referred to their website. . 
Extract follows:


To drive a vehicle in Queensland that has been imported either using a temporary import approval or a CDP, you will need an overseas visiting vehicle (OVV) permit.

An OVV permit recognises your overseas registration and allows you to drive the vehicle in Queensland during your visit. There is no fee for an OVV permit.

Your vehicle is only eligible for an overseas visiting vehicle permit while its overseas registration is current. We cannot issue a permit if you aren’t able to renew your overseas registration.

How to apply for a permit

To apply for an OVV permit, you need:

your current passport
a Queensland compulsory third party (CTP) certificate—see this list of licensed insurers
your overseas vehicle registration documents
your vehicle import approval or your CPD.
Bring all of these documents and your vehicle to a transport and motoring customer service centre. Your vehicle’s details will need to be checked and recorded on your permit

. . . 


So next stop. . One of the "list of licensed insurers"

"No mate you need to go to the department of transport. We only issue CTP for Australian registered vehicles"

Yeah been there . .They say I need to talk to you. , 
"Sorry can't help"

Do you ever get one of those days???

Not moving on!

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Unknown said...

That's shit.....look on the bright side at least your in a warm country (is freezing here)

chin up you'll get there xx