Back story

The story so far 

Before starting at the beginning, there’s a back story that needs telling to put this adventurous tale into perspective. 

I was born in 1963 and like a lot of less well off families of that era the transport of the masses was old British iron BSA and Triumph. To this day don’t know what make my dads was, but it tugged a caravan sized sidecar. That early introduction to two wheeled transport became an enduring feature of my life. At 16 via a Yamaha FS1E I found freedom, girls and consequently lost something as well. Life was a never ending vastness of time stretching out before me. 
I grew up in the seventies but my parents didn't make it past their early sixties and so we move on. 

One “too much too young”, one “this was a bad idea” and one good but short lived marriage later. Hey three times married is rock n roll baby! I’m fourty something with a teenage daughter. Life has used up half of my time on the planet. 

Time to hit the reset button
Do I really want to carry on doing the same job I have always done for the rest of my life? So things change. Same company same office, new job, new responsibilities and new benefits. Yes Dr BUPA I probably do drink too much. Yes I’m a little over weight. Yes my dad did die young. Yes I do get the odd heart palpitation.
Is that bad? 

There’s that reset button again
I now have my own mechanical tick to accompany every beat. Captain Hook would get the jitters around me! 

New valves do wonders for the human heart as much as the numerous engines I have worked on. My heart has been physically and strangely metaphorically fixed in the same procedure. I need to make use of this new life I have been given. Sat in hospital for a week, I get strange dreams and ideas. 

A vague idea to visit my brother who works in Asia develops into a plan to see more of this little blue planet. I promise my ex father in law to see it through as he stopped by to visit as I recuperate. He’s had chemotherapy that ultimately fails to make it alright for him. 

A promise is a promise. I tell everyone I know of my plans and I’m committed. Life is too short. Work agrees to me taking a year out. That bit was easy. The money might be a bit tougher. 

Guess I need to put the hours in, this is going to take more than a £10 lottery win.


Anonymous said...

Go on there fella, you chase that dream you keep that promise, fair fecks to you,


Unknown said...

Good luck, follow your dreams. Life is too short !! I start my dream 2018 I cant wait. Look forward to hearing of your adventures.


Bob said...

I lost my wife in 2010 and the following year headed off to Alaska and have been travelling since.....enjoy


Andy R said...

Good luck on your trip Mark. Don't forget to shout if you get to BC. All the best