Monday, 1 December 2014

That dam reset button

So after the health issues last year with my sight that delayed my departure, I reset and aiming for April 2015 - which in the end has been something of blessing as it allowed me to be slightly better prepared and more confident in my plans..

Due to recent world events I will stay away from middle eastern routes and head north...
Now heading from the UK at the end of April

> Germany / Austria / Italy - Until the end of May
> Greece / Turkey - Until first week of July
> Georgia / Azerbaijan / - middle of July

> Kazakhstan - August
> Russia - to Vladivostok by middle of September
> South Korea Until middle of October

- Ship the bike direct to Australia - Korea shipping link - Travel Philippines / Malaysia / Indonesia without the bike

- End of October to end of November

> Australia end of November - Melbourne by Christmas
> New Zealand - January - Ship Bike to USA west coast by mid February
- bikes abroad link
- GetRouted link
- Cruise People link

> USA west coast / USA East coast by early April
 - Ship bike back to UK Dynamic freight link

> UK by mid April

I hope to be able to arrange most Visa's en route so that I'm not stuck to being at certain borders by certain dates, but will look more into that over the next couple of weeks.

Would definitely like to sort out the Visas up to Russia as that shouldn't be too difficult I hope.

My brother is moving to South Korea so will spend a little time mooching around there while I sort out shipping the bike directly to Aus.. Lots of shipping agency links that seem to suggest that is entirely feasible.. It frees me up for a little bit of R&R off the bike to travel through the south china sea / pacific islands before getting myself to Aus.

I then plan to travel down the east coast of Australia - despite advice from a friends who emigrated to Aus a couple of years back that December isn't the best time to be in northern territory.. To visit him on Melbourne by Christmas

Then I want to get to NZ before shipping to the USA to cross west to east and head back to the UK easy ! anyway - The bike is prepped - apart from fitting a set of new tyres before I depart

- I have all the kit I need (and probably more - but that will sort itself out as I travel) and fitting a sump guard 

Money situation is good - I don't envisage many issues Still got to sort out renting the house out for 12 months.. 
Will look at that early January 2015 - hopefully renting shouldn't be too difficult to sort out - available from beginning of May. 

Carnet - should be little bit cheaper by missing out Indonesia.


Quick glance at the Thevisamachine
prices are from VM site including their charge 

Turkey - eVisa 
Georgia - not required 
Azerbaijan - 15 day visa £90 
Turkmenistan - 30 day visa £100 (£50 @ Embassy) 
Uzbekistan - 7 day visa £119 (£79 at Embassy) 
Kazakhstan - not required up to 15 days - £90 for 30 days (£35 @ Embassy) 
Russia - 30 day transit visa + Invite £166 (Embassy £82 + invite cost) 

South Korea ?? 
Philippines - £53 (£22 @ Embassy) 
Indonesia - on arrival 
Australia - 12 month £15 (£0 at embassy ?) 

Looking ta the RAC site.. I reckon that will cost somewhere in the region of :- 

Step 1: Cost of the Carnet de Passage document (non refundable) 5 pages - £215 

Step 2: RAC deposit (for Private vehicle applications only and is 100% refundable on receipt of the correctly discharged Carnet and within the timelines set out in our Terms & Conditions) £350 

Step 3: Country specific payment (50% refundable on discharge of your Carnet as detailed above) Vehicle value x Security Risk Rate x 10.6% (Assuming highest rate for far east -South Korea @200%- otherwise Australia at 150%) Valued at £1000 * 200% = £2000 / 10.6% = £212 

Total: £777 - (£456 refundable on return) total cost £321