Wednesday, 23 November 2011

So after a little more research, it looks like crossing China might be a little difficult to do and with rules dictating a local Chinese 'minder' be in attendance at all times it doesn't bode well for the original idea. Some investigations a reports from people who have undertaken similar adventures, seems to suggest that crossing Kazakhstan, into Tajikistan, a brief entry to China before using the Karakoram highway into Pakistan, India and Nepal. Where air freighting the bikes from Katmandu over the blockade at Mayanmar(Burma) to Bangkok would be the best route to attempt. 
Overland routes map
Once clear of that obstacle then we can resume our route with time to explore Cambodia and some of Vietnam before heading south to Indonesia. 

Also in plan now is to visit the Horizon Unlimited Motorcycle travellers meeting weekend in July 2012, where lots of useful information, ideas and suggestions can be explored. 

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Hold on lads, I've got an idea! 
Like all the great ideas, this one is simple if you look at it logically. To travel and explore the world utilising my favourite form of transport. ie a motorbike. 

Myself, Steve and now Richard plan to journey around the world in ... well as long as it takes I guess. 

Two major milestones are an initial target. That is to stop off to visit my brother who is currently resident in Cambodia and the second to visit a mutual friend who lives in Melbourne, Australia. but it is so much more than that. 

Our early route plan takes us through Europe on a road yet to be decided due to HM Governments travel advice to avoid Georgia at present. So maybe a ship across the black sea into Russia and crossing into Kazakhstan 

Crossing Kazakhstan will be a challenge, but one that personally I am relishing. 

China and passing north of the Himalayas will take us down to Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand, where a well deserved rest will be in order I think. 

After refuelling it will be south into Malaysia and onto Indonesia's multiple islands. A freight ship will transport out vehicles onto Australia, where allowing for immigration difficulties that I have heard are sometimes tough to overcome we will journey around the east coast and down to Melbourne 

From there, hopefully we can catch a container ship heading to the USA, where landing on the west coast we plan to follow the legendary rout66 across the states to Chicago (did someone mention that this is the road to Amarillo)

Sounds like an easy journey written down that quickly, but it will be a life defining experience and one that I am focussed on achieving by our planned departure date 

For myself, I have pretty much made my mind up about the bike I want to use. A Yamaha XT660Z Tenere is made for the job as far as i can see. Steve , I think has yet to be convinced, but the simplicity and light weight are its advantages with no sophisticated electronics and rugged mechanicals I think it will be the perfect tool. 

Lots of planning to do and lots of things to sort out prior to it happening, but the seed has been planted, its just need encouragement and careful propagation to grow into a mighty adventure.