The Route Plan

The route has changed several times recently due to political issues, financial difficulties of crossing China and the risk for me travelling at altitude across the Tibetan plateau.

 The trip will start on the last weekend of April 2015
The start of the journey takes me out through Belgium and Germany, heading south across Austria and into Italy where I will head for the port of Brindisi to cross into Greece by early June.

Once in Greece, heading east I will enter Turkey in late June

From here the plan has changed again given recent events and increasingly war like zones to avoid.

So the plan now is to go from Turkey into Georgia and Azerbaijan to the capital Baku by mid July, where the first European Olympic games will have just finished.. From there I will cross the Caspian sea to Aktau in Kazakhstan. Three weeks will see me at the Russian border by late August with a thirty day visa to get to Vladivostok.

From Vladivostok there is a boat to south Korea, where I hope to meet up with my brother for a while. Which will be in early September. Resting a while there I now plan to ship the bike direct to Australia and while that happens I will "take a holiday" from travelling by bike  and travel through the Philippines getting myself to Darwin at the end of November to collect the bike.

Travelling south east from Darwin to the east coast I plan to meet up with Simon in Brisbane and travel to his place for Christmas in Melbourne Australia.

I plan to cross to New Zealand for most of January 2016 and following that I will cross the Pacific Ocean in February by air or sea freight to the west coast of the USA

I intend to stay fairly well south in the USA given the time of year and will cross west to east before heading for the east coast and a route home to the UK for April

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