Monday, 9 November 2015

And the beat goes on. . .

S'funny. . .

Being in a place long enough to peek behind the curtain. Like seeing a stage play. Out front it's bright lights, scenery, actors in character. But take a glance out back and the scenery is propped up on wooded frames and the characters are just costumes.

Darwin on the surface is a buzzing little town. Lots of shops aimed at tourists and backpackers. But the population actually appears quite small. . The travellers are by nature transient. And there's lots of empty shops. Fast food joints competing for the same dollar as their neighbours.

This far out, the "territory" actually appears to be a fairly tough existence, unless you're earning the government dollar.

There's a dark subculture of drunken Aboriginals. Barefoot and seemingly living on another plane. Angry with society ..maybe with good reason. . The white colonists have only been here a couple of hundred years. Short enough for long memories.
Modern white guilt over past conquests won't ease the situation . Things move on. You can't buy forgiveness. . Just live with it. .

Applying pressure on Monday. Is there anything I need to do to ease my bike out of the port?

And so it goes. . .

Some progress on compulsory third party insurance. Finally someone who seems to know the full SP. .

Once my bike clears customs/quarantine I need a compliance check and can apply for temporary ctp insurance. I will need to carnet as well . .which is with the import company in Victoria. .

Soooo. . . .
I've got to get an appointment for the check . . Book online . . . Sort collection once I'm given the go and get the rear tyre fitted (en route from the port to the test)
Get the carnet delivered to me in Darwin asap. And . . . Then . . Maybe . . I can leave. .

More time in Darwin yet.

(scrolling breaking news banner)
I've visited the import agent that has my bike today. Actually seen the unopened crate. Its cleared customs and is sat in the shipping agents warehouse waiting for the visit from the "quarantine man". What's not helping the situation is industrial action by Australia's border control staff. - just what I don't need!. However with a bit of luck the inspection will happen very soon. 

I've also registered with the local Motor Vehicle Registration(MVR) office and booked an inspection slot online, which will allow me to obtain the required Compulsory Third Part (CTP) insurance. Not sure how easy that will turn out to be and the next available slot with the MVR is not until Friday... 

Are you keeping up with this soap opera? 
I might actually get to see a bit more of Australia than Darwin yet! 

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mark

Sounds like more bureaucracy than back at work mate!!

Honestly though I am very envious, and it looks like the trip is fantastic.

Will keep up to date with your progress


Simon H (TT600 - soon to be Striple R) :)