Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Blog Supplemental. . .

Quick update on the fly. .

I managed to prize the bike from the vice like grip of the quarantine man and escaped to freedom! 

Well partial freedom. The final piece of the jigsaw being the MVR compliance check and the compulsory third party insurance scheduled for Wednesday. .

After all the compliance check was little more than a formality. A brief check of the lights and the engine and frame numbers provided a signed certificate and ctp insurance was purchased giving me the freedom of Australia's northern territory.

Don't know what all the fuss was about !!!!
More updates to follow as I'm moving on. . . .


Scrambler Amblers said...

Oh you lucky duck! Our bikes continue to languish in bike jail! My bike passed the 2nd inspection, Nom's did not! We have at least been allowed to clean the bikes at the warehouse ourselves rather than hVing to go to the wharf. 3rd time lucky on Monday we hope! Nom and Elaine

Anonymous said...

Good read, got the link from :)

Oz ...... so many rules and regs, don't you love a civilised society? LOL