Monday, 31 August 2015

Korean karma

Sat in a garden with the constant electric razor chirp of insects, next to a green pool teaming with leaping fish it is easy to find the inner peace that the Buddhist temple over the stone bridge will preach. It is a place of quiet contemplation and somewhere to consider a sense of achievement in the distance I have covered so far. 

 While a morning mist over the mountain backdrop adds to the scene. Intense Incense burns under paper lanterns watched over by golden idols where peace and tranquillity is expected. An air of holiness is inescapable as reverent devotees offer their prayers to the symbol of light.

Korea is a heady mix of modern and tradition. High technology, advanced electronics and an ancient history sit side by side. 

Korean culture is very different to my usual experience. The language is indecipherable to my european ears. Road signs unfathomable and yet it seems relaxed and easy to manage. I don't expect to see the road ahead torn back to its stony base layer and the supermarkets are stocked with everything I need. 

A lunch of rice and vegetables eases me through the afternoon and not having to cover vast distances relaxes my senses even more. 

Time to kick back and immerse myself in this exotic land.


Unknown said...

Hey, how's it going, you seem to be in control of everything. just thought I'd catch up, hope all goes well for your next leg, I do keep logging on and checking but see no one seems to comment

Pat Derisley

Unknown said...

Hi, well this is my 2nd attempt to leave a comment. Anyway, it looks as though everything seems to be going to plan and I bet you are having a whale of a time. The pics are awesome. Enjoy the next leg of your trip.