Friday, 14 August 2015

Russian Revolution

No not a history lesson, but a revolution in my thinking. 

Monday was a day that started bad and didn't improve as I travelled. But arriving in Ulan Ude late in the day and finding a comfortable hotel eased me into the evening with a Chicken Kiev and a glass of beer to settle my mind and rest an aching body. After a good nights sleep a sunny morning made light of the previous days depressions. 

After straightening out the bent handlebars with the help of a local chap and his woodwork lathe as a clamp, it was sorted with minimal fuss. A wander into town brought me to the destination of the mongol rally where cars were expected to arrive over the next few days, under the watchful eyes of Lenin's head!

The following day I sorted out the overdue oil change and the bike was once again fit to travel. 

After a rest I once again headed east from Ulan Ude to Chita where the scenery got decidedly Siberian! luckily its still too early for snow (I think) but with a chill wind and occasional rain, some of the trees appear to be already shedding leaves as autumn colours spread through the branches. The wet road made a section of road works a sticky area to navigate across as sand, gravel and a deeply pot holed loose surface coagulated to mire progress. But with a determination to not repeat Monday's mishap I made it through to the formally restricted military city of Chita, where I will restock my supplies and prepare for the 2000km trip to the next port of call at Khabarovsk.

The journey continues! I have been in contact with a shipping agent in Korea and am having to plan ahead a little as I need to have some arrangements in place in time for my arrival on the Vladivistok to DongHae ferry. But before all that there is the little task of crossing what used to be known as the Zilov Gap

Mondo enduro were brought to a muddy halt and long way round avoided it but but these days it the route of the M58 Chita-Khabarovsk highway.. Thanks Russia! 

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