Saturday, 29 August 2015

The Eastern Dream

Sat dockside the Panama registered? Eastern Dream was less than I expected. Not the ocean going liner but more a coastal cruiser. Given the reported ferocity of typhoon Goni I was happy to sit it out in Vladivostok.

Once aboard the sense of modernity is immediate. Duty free shops café, bar and restaurant provide everything a passenger might need.

I share an eight berth cabin with one other passenger and after a comfortable night the morning dawns bright and clear, with calm seas and soon after the feint blue haze of distant land on the horizon.

Approaching a country by sea is something countless travellers have experienced over the centuries, but  is denied to passengers in a modern world of air travel.
From that glimmer of blue a landscape emerges and then buildings until the introduction is complete as the ship enters port.

Welcome to a whole new experience that is South Korea!

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