Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Cairns... More than a pile of stones.

Bit of a delay posting this one - not the best wifi available in places.

After pushing on through the heat of the Barkly Highway, the temperature got more temperate the closer I go to the coast. Until just north of Townsville the world turned green! The road winding it's way through banana and sugar cane plantations. Rivers with actual water and pleasant breezes carrying the scents of flora in full summer bloom. .

A  rest day in Cairns after a long ride, before I make the hour long trip through the countryside up to Port Douglas.

Bats in the belfry
Well flying foxes in the fig trees. .  roosting during the day in the trees around cairns centre. 

Constant summer. 
With "winter" temperature at around 26 and summer at 34 I've found the perfect location for anyone suffering from the winter blues. Move to north Queensland it's a perfect environment.

The pelican brief.
There are some. (I can't be much briefer!)

The ride north from Cairns is along a lovely coast road. . With sweeping corners that reward you with stunning views of palm lined beaches and clear waters. Up to the picturesque town of Port Douglas..  Where the towns development hasn't impacted the natural beach front. Sea, sand and palm trees show that a town doesn't need to build concrete sea promenades and lose what nature created to provide a wonderful connection with the ocean. 

A day trip out to Kuranda national park saw a cable car ride over the incredible scenery of the north rainforest. With stunning views as the car travelled at tree canopy height through the trees with stop off points along the way. A truly incredible day out. 

There are not enough words to describe the cable car trip over the tropical rain forest. Eye poppingly, spectacularly stunning! Travelling just above the tree canopy past waterfalls, rivers and surrounded by the sights and sounds of a wonderfully breathtaking scenery

While I thought that excursion would be difficult to top and whilst I was in the mood for some tourist style trips I also booked a day out on the Great Barrier reef. A swift boat whisked the paying passengers out to three destinations where groups of first time and experienced scuba divers set off for the deeper parts of the reef, leaving us lesser mortals to explore with relative freedom wherever our swimming ability took us. Equipping myself with an underwater camera I managed to capture at least a slight impression of what was on view in this amazing underwater ecosystem. 


Unknown said...

That looks bang on mark glad you're still enjoying your self

Unknown said...

Hi Mark
The Rainforest cable car looked fantastic... have you any video footage?
By the way, like Neil, and many others, I applied for and was accepted for VR, so when you finally get back home, I'll have exited stage left!!
Been fantastic watching your videos, and reading the blogs, its a wonderful escape from the winter weather...
Moving on...

Unknown said...

Loving reading your adventures Mark