Sunday, 17 May 2015

Sulphurous hot springs of Saturnia

Friday brought a dull grey day with a little rain. . 15°C but it felt a little chilly. . Guess I'm getting acclimatised!

So a short journey brought me to the sulphurous hot springs of Saturnia. . A regular tourist trap it seems. . Even for Italians it's a popular destination, but I can see why.  The Romans and before them the Etruscans it seems favoured the healing properties of the waters. . Well after taking the waters I hope to report an improvement in my general health and well being.

Saturday was an easy day , bit of shopping and browsed the local town market.Felt cold today though - less than 10 degrees and rain. Needed extra layers on again.

Sunday demands some pre packing ahead of my next move to the west coast. Planning on somewhere near Grosseto for a few days before moving a little further north but staying near the coast, over next weekend then somewhere near Firenze until Friday when I have a hotel booked for the MotoGP weekend. Nothing is eternal on the road. . It is always time to move on. .
Apart from that preparation I'm not planning on doing very much, the sun is shining and time to relax a little ahead of my next travelling adventure. 

"Cos I'm restless, I'm sleepless, on this quest I must go, out here searching for something, what it is I don't know. . Might have to find it under my headstone. . Cos I keep rolling like a rolling Stone. . ." (copyright BBS)

Not that I'm searching for something out here, but I like the song and it seems to fit. 
Keep on rolling baby ....

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Simon Gregson said...

G'day Mark,

I've been keeping up with your blogs and reading with interest. Sounds like you're getting to know yourself on this trip...I reckon there's a good chance you could become a writer by the time you get back...and I'm being serious on that...think about putting it all into a book.
Enjoy the hot springs, as it happens we have some close by to where we live, so you can try ours out when you get to Oz.

Keep enjoying it fella.
Simon G