Sunday, 31 May 2015

Madness mayhem and motorbikes. . Mugello

Well to start at the end. . I've given up getting out of circuit for a while so found a shady spot to let the departing hoards pass me by for a while. .
Where to start describing this event in words is beyond my vocabulary. . Take a rock concert throw in lots of very loud motorbikes both on and off track. . Chuck in a whole population of crazy Italians. . Braze gently under a hot sun and add large amounts of alcohol together with smoked barbecue food, add smoke bombs and burn out tyres then stir loudly with a manic chain saw and scooters with no exhausts and Ducatis booming and bikes revved to the limiter. . . Maybe I'm almost getting the image across. .
Everything that imola WSB wasn't, this is and much much more. .
Everyday is a race on Italy's roads but this morning was the world championship event, with everthing from sports bikes to tourers, scooters to adventure bikes out to overtake everyone else on the way to the race
I arrived on race day by 8:30 but the party had already started. . I guess it never stopped from Saturday night!
Camping is a free for all once you're in and everything from expensive campers to throw away tents compete for every spare space. . Making use of even the most unlikely camping spot.
Have a look at the YouTube video that I tried to capture the sights and sounds.
Update on the Mugello exit strategy. . .There isn't one!
I expected chaos and I wasn't disappointed. . An hour and a half after making my way towards the exit I eventually got there only to find the road utterly grid locked for over an hour . . So another sit in the shade until some traffic movement occurred. . . To be followed by the poliza closing the road needed to get back to the hotel. . . A very helpful policeman suggested an alternative route that took me an hour to get to a point 10 minutes from where a left the circuit. .
So after the madness of mugello my time in Italy has an end in sight, as I now head south to catch a boat across the Adriatic sea. . I'm currently in no mind to rush and don't intend to push for a lot of miles each day. So I'll see what I find and where I end up along the  way. .


Simon Gregson said...

G'day Mark,

Sounds like you enjoyed Italy and the long awaited visit to Mugello...don't rush too quickly through Greece. From what I can remember it is a lovely country to explore and I reckon the Greeks make the Italians look sober.

Have you got access to email...Ive got something for you to look at that will make you chuckle.

Cheers Simon

Unknown said...

Sounds like you're' having fun keep it up injoy grees