Monday, 4 May 2015

Catching some rays.

In complete contrast to last Monday... I'm not moving today... Sun is shining, the sky is blue cuckoo in the distance and I'm relaxing for the day. No point rushing around this week. I've got plenty of time to explore Italy's wonderful interests, but for now its a very pleasant 24 degrees with a nice cool breeze. Why do anything else? After a long grey dull British winter, the first chance to sit in the sunshine is something I'm enjoying. 

I have done one thing today and that was to check the bikes cooling system. I replaced the coolant with fresh just before I left.. On Saturday whilst riding in warm temperatures it was bubbling a bit after I switched the engine off.. bit of an air lock I think. sadly to get at everything on the Versys you have to dismantle the body work.. Even the coolant expansion tank cap is inaccessible without getting the spanners out. Nice design Mr Kawasaki!

Anyways its sorted.. moving on :o)

Another peaceful night after a bottle of wine(again) - think I might have a night off the alcohol tonight..will check my INR tomorrow. not that it makes much difference,it seems better when I do drink.. That's my excuse anyway. It was a little low last week, so I have been compensating with increased doses of warfarin. I don't expect it to be far out when I do check

I think I'm starting to get myself a bit more organised with camping and the gear on the bike.. I was frustrated last week by misplacing everything. In such a small space it shouldn't be possible. For anyone that has ever seen my garage you will understand. I've always had a mischievous fairy that follow me around moving things I need and putting them back when I'm no longer looking for them. She/it seems to be accompanying me on the trip !
So having struggled mentally, across France's overcast skies its amazing how a little sun and warm temperatures can ease your mind. I'm sure there are fiercer temperatures to be experienced over the coming months but for this sun starved Englishman, right now its just perfect thanks. 

Looking at the map Imola is about an hour and half away I think. setting off on Friday morning will see me there by around lunch time easily..A weekends racing action will be in stark contrast the relaxing atmosphere of this Italian hillside, but that's a good thing, contrast is what makes life interesting - ying and yang 

Not moving on!


Oh Yeah! - Captains log - supplemental  - I have uploaded a few pictures to the Flickr album.. Link is on the right near the youtube link. - just in case your interested :o) 

And if you see an advertisement on the front of the youtube vids - be a little patient and see it through (its only a couple of minutes) but hey I get paid for them ! lol - thanks


Unknown said...

Hi Mark,
My brother and myself met you on the channel tunnel. I just thought I'd say hello and see how your getting on. We were on route to the Black Forest - I'm back home now in Wales. We got very wet whilst riding down through Belgium Luxembourg and Germany. We were wondering how you are getting on. I will keep a eye on your blogs, all very interesting. Best of British... Doug.

Unknown said...

Glad things are looking mark could you send some of that nice weather over hear please

Mark Dalton said...

Howie - will do! - well - I'll try lol

Mark Dalton said...

Doug - Hello Mate - Yeah most of Europe was grey and wet that week. Thanks for the best wishes.. Hope you enjoy the story as it unwinds !

Cheers Mark

Anonymous said...

MrD - we now have access from within the building to the majority of pages on here. buona fortuna per la tappa italiana.


Mark Dalton said...

Una buona notizia


Unknown said...

Star Trek reference....engage