Monday, 25 May 2015

One month on. . . .

Just realised today  is one month to the date since I left Britain's grey shores for . . . At the time even darker lands. . .but since that initial 3 difficult days life has been good, living in the warmth of Italy. . Good food, good wine and relaxed times. . .moving when I want to, travelling when I feel the need and staying still because I can.

Next weekend I travel to Mugello to fulfil a long held ambition to see the Italian motogp round. . I hope it lives up to expectation.

After that I head south . . To tackle more of this adventure. . Another holiday destination perhaps, but one I have never sampled so no pre-conceptions. Do I take in the popular tourist destinations? . . Probably not. . I never really have so no point starting now. .
I will pretty much race across Greece but that update is for a later entry. .

After six days by the sea I feel a need to move and tomorrow I will travel inland a little way . . I guess I'm more of a country boy than a seafarer at heart. .

So for now my next update will be at the bike grand prix . . . Come on England!  Can Cal , Brad, Scott and Eugene do us proud ? . . I hope so

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like your not chasing the dream but living it already....keep having fun xx0!