Sunday, 26 April 2015

heavy French skies...

After being ejected from the channel tunnel into French soil the road south east was sodden with rolling grey blue clouds depositing their seemingly heavy weight to the edge of the horizon. 

I need to step beyond that immediate horizon.

It's funny how after all the planning the thinking, the anticipation, all the excitement, years and months of working towards taking the first step, it has been tougher than I ever imagined it might be. 

The last week felt more like an ending than a beginning. Clearing the house of useless bric a brac was difficult. Parking my Triumph at a temporary home was thought provoking and selling my truck was a real tear jerker.

But despite all that I have to renew my optimism for this venture. With a little luck the initial down will be followed by huge highs and there is plenty to look forward to over the coming weeks..

My first en route plan was thwarted when I looked at a camp site to stop on the first was not open after I followed the signs from the maim road.. A quick question to a local gent walking his dog advised it was ferme until premier May..sat in a travel hotel listening to constant heavy rain it might have been a blessing. 

Tomorrow may see me at the German border and country number two .. Unless the rain curtails my enthusiasm for mile munching. Nice weather for frogs mind. !! 

Moving on


Anonymous said...

Just glorious sun here Mark :)


Simon Gregson said...

Ahh bloody French weather....just keep heading'll be sunny when you get to Oz

Mark Dalton said...

Simon 0 yeah in the rainy season ! lol

Keith - thanks :)