Thursday, 30 April 2015

Easing through the day Italian style

First day of not covering distance today. . A day off sitting by lake garda after getting up later than I have recently. . No rush to leave a hotel room. . Breakfast sat by the lake eased of into the day. A short trip to the supermarket for provisions, wine cheese, tomatoes and olives. . A man needs nothing more. . . Well apart from a motorbike.

The alps crossing was amazing, but arriving in Italy has eased my mind. . It has always been a place I feel at peace in. . I don't know why. Maybe I just get the way of life here. The passion for living without the British obsession for more than we have.

Anyway I have a few weeks here to find myself and relax, laugh out loud at the driving experience and marvel at the scenery.

I have a week before going to imola for the WSB meeting and then a couple of weeks before motogp at mugello.

I will update the YouTube channel when I get a WiFi connection again . Might have to find an Internet cafe to upload the video. .

Ciao for now


Unknown said...

Great watching your videos and reading your blogs. Bring on the sunshine in Italy for you and a relaxing few weeks - enjoy the racing. Sue and Mick Leet

Unknown said...

Glad things are getting better 4 u mark enjoy