Sunday, 4 May 2014

Well  one week  post planned departure and sat at work thinking about where I should be is difficult to deal with, but it is what it is..
My eye is actually not too bad at the moment. The irritation has dropped off after the stitches have been removed. Next on the recovery is for a check up at the end of June to look at a cataract op.. Fun fun fun!!

On a plus side I have been doing improvements to the bike that I had not originally thought I would do.
So far I have upgraded the forks with new progressive springs and new oil. I have ordered a custom built rear shock to core with the increase in weight of me and the kit over the standard setup. Hopefully a test ride will prove it to be a worthwhile investment.

As soon as I get some time I'll post up some pictures in the bike section.

On the weekend I was originally planned to depart i still packed a bag and set off on a little jaunt. It was just a shame I had to come back home the next day.

Later in the year I'll have a mini adventure run on the bike to somewhere warm and sunny hopefully.


Unknown said...

Hi Mark,

Nice blog, shame about your delay!

I'm looking at a trip in 2015, was looking at maybe June initially, from Uk to Pakistan and back. Your route to Turkey is similar to what I was looking at doing. Might get a chance to meet along the way maybe?.

Mark Dalton said...

Hi David
would be happy to meet up along the way.