Thursday, 8 October 2015

lets play Korean or European...

Slight difference from normal blog posts
(with apologies to those completely uninterested in cars - who can move on - nothing to see here)

Still here? 
I played a little game of "Korean European" with the cars while I was there.

But can you spot one from the other?

click each image to see the answer in a new page. 

First one should be easy.

second one not so sure? 

Third one - you'll get this one

Fourth one - tricky?

Fifth - hows it going so far?

Sixth one

Seventh heaven

Eighth one - you know this one

Ninth one - Almost done

And to finish on

Normal service will now be resumed....


Anonymous said...

Not sure of the excat model versions but , BMW , MERC , LEXUS , JAG and a Mondeo Copy ? lol

Andy T

Mark Dalton said...

Click each picture to see the answer