Friday, 9 October 2015

Desert Island dreamin'

Arriving after sunset, stepping off the narrow bodied short haul jet brought the familiar sensory shock of humidity. None of the gentle introductions of arriving by sea. Easing into a new country.

Travel by air holds no such pleasantries. . Bam!. . There you go. . Get on with it.

A suitably rustic airport building is approached via an open bus, but luckily my single "travelling light" bag completed the same journey as me and a £2 taxi ride delivers me to a welcome air conditioned room at the north of the island.

Welcome then to Koh Samui. Ex backpacker hippy paradise more recently discovered by the less open minded but slightly better off hedonists in search of all night beach parties and all day sleeping in the sun at the obvious resort.

But away from the party populist beach there is a peaceful island that has not been spoiled by lager lout reputations. like any holiday destination there is charter boats and tourist traps but it's easy to slip aside from that. 

A beach front room on the north coast is as peaceful as smooth sea lapping against soft palm lined sand.

This then is "home" for a while. A chance to recharge and sit with a cool beer, a book and sunglasses, easing my way through the day. 

A little supermarket across the road will provide most things I need. A fishermen's market a short stroll along the beach will supply fish for a bbq .

Time to chill in the heat.

My bike will be delivered to Darwin on the 21st, although I expect customs clearance will take a little while after that. Which is picture postcard perfect thanks as my flight to Aus is booked for the 19th. In the words of Hannibal Smith "I love it when a plan comes together"


Anonymous said...

Hi Mate .. looks amazing .. always wanted to go but haven't got round to it yet.
Lots of news here at work. don't know if your interested but might be worth reaching out to someone on FB.

keep safe

Andy T

Anonymous said...

Sounds idyllic. Enjoy