Thursday, 22 October 2015

Darwinian theories

The theory being that the stars had aligned and my bike would arrive a day after me. 

But natural selection is a bit more random than that and now the ship with my bike aboard won't dock in Darwin until approximately the 3rd of November. Damn!

Still, there's worse places to be stranded. . . 
A brief look around this little town in the wonderful isolation of the northern territory shows there is lots to see and do. I do need some transport so a hire car is needed. It was fine being stuck in one place on a beach but getting around in Darwin means motorised transport is necessary.

The beaches nearby look utterly wonderful but are equally deadly as it's box jellyfish season. . Not a single swimmer under the fabulous blue skies. It's slightly ironic that surrounded by acres of pristine beach, Darwin has a wave machine pool in a beachside development.

I do like the "vibe" in the town. There's lots of backpacker facilities. Outback equipped trucks and long haired travelling types rubbing shoulders with the local community. I should fit in easily with my current style statements of third world cotton shirts and shoulder length hair. !!

Peace and love man!

So with a couple of weeks to fill I'll take time to explore a little. . Time enough sat still over the last couple of weeks. I had hoped to be on the east coast in two weeks time but I'm stuck with it and will still have time to visit the great barrier reef and plenty of other sights in my time here. . I've just lost a couple of weeks out of my time.

 "No worries"

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