Monday, 19 October 2015

Easy like a Sunday morning. .

After two weeks of doing mostly nothing it's time to rouse my lazy self and move. . Days of swimming. Sitting in the sun, reading (three) books and generally doing nothing comes to an end tomorrow. . 

Not before time really. . It's been enjoyable to take some time off. . Contrary to what you might think, travelling all the time does get difficult at times and mentally as as well as physically draining. But I feel rested and ready to go again. It will be good to re-acquaint myself with my bike.

So an overnight flight via Perth will see me deposited in Darwin with a few days to sort out the customs requirements.
Ko samui has been a relaxing, warm comfortable venue to kick back. I haven't seen a lot of it which is a bit of a shame but I've spent very little money, which is good for my antipodean adventure to come.

Monday mornings aren't very difficult but this one closes the chapter. Packing up my small bag and getting ready to move on brings the familiar sense of anticipation for travelling. .

 There is something fabulous in that thought of not being where I am now tomorrow. The wanderer in me feels fulfilled when it happens. There's something to be said for stability, but I think it leaves me slightly frustrated with life. Thinking there is so much more to experience. So much more to see. Life isn't forever and time it seems accelerates as I get older. 

I have a few hours to spend waiting for the flight that will take me to the mainland to take the overnight flight to Australia ... Land of the young and free, of golden soil and wealth for toil. Where home is girt by sea and land abounds in natures gifts, Of beauty rich and rare.

Advance Australia fair

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