Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Inner city planning

Time to move. . 

Too long in one place has not been a good thing on this journey and too long in the urban sprawl of Busan is another of those times. I feel the need to get outta town and find some peace and quiet again.

At the time of writing there is still no news of shipping and while it's not a big issue right now, I will feel more settled once I know when the next move will happen.

. . .

A few days later and there is some news. . 
The bike will be shipped from Korea to Singapore and onto Australia in early October and hopefully it will be a relatively simple process. Although I don't yet know the estimated delivery date. I then have to decide my own destination to fit around that schedule.

So it's time to choose where to go while the bike is crated and transported. . .
Finding space is not an easy thing to do. . South Korea is a relatively small and quite heavily populated country . After the vast expanses of Kazakhstan and Russia I'm not sure I will ever look at travel across country in the same way again.

Once I deliver the bike to the shipping agent I'll be in a whole new world without my own personal transport for the first time. I've never enjoyed public transport particularly but trains and planes (without the automobiles) will be my means of getting about. So I'll look for somewhere that doesn't involve lots of travelling from an airport. Somewhere warm and less crowded with a beach and that doesn't cost a fortune. . With all of southeast Asia to choose from that should be relatively easy. . 


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