Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Olympic origins

As the seat of the Greek gods and the birthplace of civilisation. Package holiday dream and land of endless sunshine, big skies and huge scenery I can understand why so many fall in love with this country. Like anywhere there are good and bad bits but the good are amazing! Crystal clear seas lapping against hot sandy shorelines is a difficult combination to beat. .

Not much sign to this passing traveller of the financial woes this country is suffering, but I haven't got access to 24 hour news channels that need to fill empty airtime. . Not that I want it!

With the Agean gently rolling against the land, I have found a place to kick back for a while. . Getting across Greece is not as far as I had thought and I'm taking a little time out . .I could be in Turkey by the weekend, but I'm of a mind to explore a bit more of this coast. . I'm not far from the 3 pronged chalkidiki peninsular and I'm loving swimming in wonderful clear sea water. . .With plenty of desert ahead I'm making the most of it. .

I don't yet know what Turkey has in store but as a holiday destination Greece is idyllic . . I know some will see this whole trip as one long holiday, and in some respects it is, but the endless moving on demands a bit of down time for me. . That way it works. . I can find a spot and get to know it a little. . Feel almost at home. . It positively charges me for the next challenge.

I can't find a fast enough internet connection to upload video but I'm still recording as I go. . I'll get somewhere where I can put it online. . .

Time for a swim . . It's tough but someone's gotta do it. . Might as well be me lol


Anonymous said...

Hi Mark i Tracy says your meeting her next week some time.
Im in Turkey at the same time with family .. but now where near where you will be ..

Enjoy Istanbul , the traffic is a nightmare early on and and mid evening.

Be Safe

Andy T

Unknown said...

Come on Mark, get off that beach, and get another
update posted!!!

Unknown said...

Come on Mark, get off the beach,
and get another blog update posted!!