Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Crystal Aegean Contemplation

Few days without internet . . So in a similar vein to the Imola entry this is a collection of thoughts . . But mostly without the excessive alcohol consumption, so hopefully it will be a little more concise.

After reaching the Aegean coast I decided to stop rushing along quite so much. . I think I got a bit over anxious about the time and distance I had to cover .. but having reached the the eastern side of Greece, I have to be realistic about the distance I can travel in the daytime heat.  Sitting here in shorts with a nice breeze off the sea, it is very pleasant. Entirely different to riding, kitted up with the bike loaded up. .

I've taken a right turn and plumped for the middle finger of the three that poke out into the sea on this peninsular - Sithonia . . Small coastal roads with rugged rocky landscapes sloping to sandy beaches with a clear turquoise sea .. .

I got as far as Toroni . .Found a campsite and just stopped. . Not going any further today. . High twenties . . Cool clear sea. . Bar for a cold beer . .
Not moving!

Second day here. . Gone to the beach! .. going to hang around here till after the weekend. Although the road back off this spit of land is fairly small I think it will be fine once I get back to the main road and head into Turkey. ...Still got time and I'm enjoying the peaceful relaxation of Greece. Its laid back and easy going. Everyone speaks English and maybe I'm just avoiding moving on for a while, but its a great place to be. 

I've got an extra tarpaulin that I've used to create extra space on the front of my tent, but it works very well as a beach sunshade. .

Hot again today. . Probably 30°+ I can't quite raise the enthusiasm for pulling on hot textile trousers and jacket, taking another day.

Looking the at the map I can get to the Turkey border in a about day's ride if I push on, but for now I'm going to move around the coast here a bit. . travelling in jeans and denim jacket.. Not the most protective of travel clothing, but then I am very overdressed compared to the locals in flipflops and shorts. There is a balance and staying cooler helps with concentration that is for sure.. There will be times when I will have to grin and bear it. Travelling across barren rock strewn landscapes will demand that level of protection, but cruising around the coast... I've taken a leaf out of the locals book. travel cool. Just don't fall off!

Well didn't get very far.. Got to Kalamisti, white sand and a campsite that almost touches the beach, more blue sea and the usual flotilla of pleasure boats pulled me off the hot tarmac and refused to let me go.. not trying to resist very hard. 

Travelled as far as the beach - sat under my tarp and back again..far enough thanks.

Bar with wifi and I can at least update the blog. All internet connection seems to be via satellite, which can be a it on the slow side.

Not sure if I'm being reluctant to leave Greece or not.. I think I am a bit. Its comfortable. Its warm and sunny. Its one big holiday and I know that things will get tougher as I go further east. So I think I'm making the most of it while I can. Plus I think I had a bit too much sun yesterday, feel a bit light headed today. Not travelling far 

I will get to the Turkey border by next weekend and push on from there. I think that the north coast of Turkey will be a bit cooler to travel and put some miles in once I've sorted out replacing the tyres in Istanbul ... Well actually a bit south of Istanbul, so I hope I will be able to bypass the major centre of traffic chaos.

As this is a bit of a compilation  of updates I thought it worth updating my state of mind. I know after the Imola update I seemed a bit melancholy about missing things about my normal life. A lot of those feelings were brought about I think by the slight disappointment I felt by the Imola world superbike meeting not matching my expectations. Mugello made up for that and lots of experiences since have made me realise what it is I'm doing here.. Yes some of it isn't easy, some of it  is tough. some of it challenges what I think I am capable of and who I am.. But some of it like this place makes me realise how amazing the whole experience is as it stretches out in front of me with so much more to come.. 

Moving on.... soon 


Unknown said...

I don't blame you for wanting to hang about Greece is an amazing place....got back from corfu today couldn't have wished for a better holiday such a magical place

keep having fun & stay safe xx

Unknown said...

Hi mark keep reading your blog Greece is lovely sounds like you are having a great time take care