Wednesday, 29 April 2015

I've decided that I will not post the videos here as they detract from the narrative. Videos belong on YouTube where they are hosted. I want to use this blog for written word that give you a feeling of what I'm experiencing. 

Click the you tube link on the right of this screen to see the video updates. 

So after a comfortable night in Chur we'll see what today brings.. 

Watch out for quick updates on Twitter


Anonymous said...

Hi Mark, I'm following your adventure with great interest and sharing your updates with Ian & Michael in the office. Sorry the weather hasn't been great but hey the Snake & Woodhead passes were only passable with care one morning this week after it snowed. I'm sure it will get better in Italy. Where are you tonight? Turin? Keep posting those updates. Geoff J.

Unknown said...

Playing catch up but looking forward to vicarious living