Thursday, 2 April 2015

April jitters

Well April has arrived and I can look at the departure in days rather than months or weeks.

Although most preparations are either done or in plan, I keep getting rushes of nervous sensations.

There is a sense of just wanting to get going. I think it will get more intense as the date gets nearer.

I suppose those are natural feelings. . And I would be strange if I felt completely casual about it, but never the less it is slightly unnerving.

This may well be the last update before I hit the road. Metaphorically speaking. . I hope!

So rather than bore anyone out there with housekeeping tasks I still need to finish off, all I'm going to say is that I hope this adventure is something you will enjoy reading about. I hope I have the vocabulary to communicate my experiences and thoughts as I travel our little blue planet. I hope I can illustrate that not everything you read in the papers or hear on the news is true about people and places outside your home. I hope my belief is right!

If it's not I might be in for a tough time!

Not that I'm going into this totally innocent of the wider world

So I hope you will keep up to date with this little journal and take a look at the YouTube videos and Flickr pictures I post up whenever and wherever an Internet connection is available to me. . I would hate to think I might be talking to myself!

Guess that's something else I will have to get used to!

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